Following steps of Tony Bourdain

Story for long winter evenings. Here it goes:

Anthony Bourdain used to have food related show on Travel Channel called No Reservations . In one of the episodes he visited Vienna, Capitol City of Austria and he have enjoyed enormous version of Austrian Cordon Bleu, with special potato salad and beer.
So we decided that we must try fryed in deep lard gigantic piece of pork.
We set up for Vienna.
Naschmarkt baazar is located in the center of the city, full of little restaurant stalls with food from all over the world, grocery stalls with excellent wine and cheeses, meat and fresh produce.

Naschmarkt – Fresh Produce Stall

First, we located place where Bourdain eat THE Cordon Bleu. It was surprisingly easy. Herta Gruber stall No. 66. At the door greeted us  Frau Elisabeth – a wonderful waitress.
„I made meal for Tony” she answered right away, „but they filmed in different place because our stall was to small for all equipment”. Then…
„First we must go to Urbanek and bring cheese for your Cordon Bleu” she said
And so we went.

Naschmarkt – Frau Gruber Stall

Excellent delicatessen stall that Herr Urbanek opened over 30 years ago and ’till today together with his sons provides unbelievable choice of cheeses, cold cuts, and wine. You can eat and drink in the store (see the tables?), or take a food away. We took with us the house made cheese with herbs from Alps needed for our cutlet.

Naschmarkt – Herr Urbanek Stall

Anthony Bourdain name is displayed on Urbanek’s stall, advertising Mangalitsa ham.

Herr Urbanek Stall

In the meantime potato salad was ready.

Viennese Potato Salad

So with salad ready (you eat it with a main course), we’ve been seated at the small table and we decided to order something cold to drink.

Naschmarkt Restaurants, Vienna

We like Austrian Zipfer beer – light and summery – but they did not have it. We settled on different, local brew from Vienna.
It was light and bitter tasting – let’s say OK beer.

Ottakringer – Beer from Vienna

And finally IT arrived… monstrous piece of pork pounded paper thin, with special cheese from Alp Mountains made by Herr Urbanek, thin slices of cured Mangalitsa Ham layered on top, and then folded, breaded and fried in deep lard.

Austrian Le Cordon Bleu

I must confess – we split a gigantor in half, each of us enjoying most tender, jucy and flavorful piece of cardiologist nightmare we ever tried. Completely fulfilling and rewarding. Beautiful.

Austrian Le Cordon Bleu (2)

Elisabeth was smiling watching us eat her creation. She was very helpful, very nice, and so professional. Thank you.


The End.

Credits are scrolling.

Music is plaing.

Music at Naschmarkt, Vienna